How to Determine Proper Dosage of HGH Injections

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Proper Dosage of HGH InjectionsThe human growth hormone which is naturally produced by the body is entirely different from the synthetically-available products in the market. What our body produces is called somatotropin while the ones we find in recombinant or synthetic version is called somatropin. Somatropin is always one of the HGH-prescribed supplements by experts. How do you determine proper dosage? Let us take a look at what this page says.

Tip #1: Knowing its Cost

Cost is a very important consideration when you want to determine the proper dosage for HGH injections. Why is this the case? It is because of the fact that we have to expect how much expense we can shell out for a legal HGH injection. Approximately, you may need to spend in between $800 and $3,000 for a month’s dose. In some cases, you may see costs lower within this range. When you’ve seen low-priced items, ask yourself if they are worth trying or not.

Tip #2: Knowing Some Concerns

These concerns may range from positive to negative issues. Included in the list is the fact that some athletes abuse the use of these HGH injections considering the fact that unlike steroids, these substances cannot be detected even with a urine test. This then results to safety concerns like increased acromegaly, liver damage, painful joints and even cancer risks. In this regard, you should always ask a prescription.

Tip #3: Learning about Dosage

Much more has been said about the cost and the concerns with HGH injections. In this part, we can now talk about how the supplement may be properly dosed to patients. First, take note that the injection should be refrigerated and must be reconstituted using what they call bacteriostatic water. If in case not all of the reconstituted solution has been used, then it should be refrigerated again but should be used within a short period of time from the previous dose.

Tip #4: Knowing about Time Intervals during Dosage

Dr. Rudman’s study that says the doses of 16.5 IU should be divided into three doses per week is now being said as abusive dosage for HGH injections. Smaller and more frequent administration on a weekly basis is now being suggested, that is, at 4 to 8 IU per week given at twice a day doses in exactly 6 days each week. The 7th day shall then be considered as the patient’s rest day. Smaller doses are recommended for older patients though who should not take more than 2 IU of the injection on a weekly basis.

There are noted dangers of using HGH injections. This should be reason enough for us to presume that we should take the dosages only with the proper prescription from health experts coupled with the right mindset as to how and when to have them supplemented in our bodies. When you have put all these things together, you will surely benefit from the real purpose of using the supplementation. Otherwise, you may have to suffer the consequences that come with your irresponsibility.

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